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Blair, Mary, 13
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Blanche, Age 8
Beulah, Age 7
Walter, Age 2
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Mullen, Eunice E, Wife, Female, White, 27 yrs, Married, 24 @ 1st marriage, Reads, Birthplace Arkansas, father Arkansas, Mother Arkansas

Mullen, Harry J, Son, Male, White, 2 yrs, Single, Birthplace California, Father Illinois, Mother Arkansas

Mullen, Ronald G, Son, Male, White, 1 yr, Single, Birthplace California, Father Illinois, Mother Arkansas

Johnston, Maudie, Sister-in-law, Female, White, 15 yrs, Single, Attends school, Reads, Birthplace Arkansas, Father Arkansas, Mother Arkansas
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Hulett, Willy, Step Son, White, Male, Born Apr 1872, Nebraska, Father New York, Mother Iowa
Hulett, Walter, Step Son, Born Dec 1874, Married 0 Yrs, Colorado, Father New York, Mother Iowa, Expressman
Hulett, Lillie, Step Dauguter-in-law, Born May 1877, Married 0 Yrs, Missouri, Mother Germany, Father Germany
Owen, Allen, Son
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Julia R, 39, BP NY
John, 17, NY
Walter, 16, NY
Mary, 16, NY
Stewart, 12, NY
Willie, 11, NY
Chester, 8, NY
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Kuehner, Barbara, White, Female, 39, Born Prussia, Father Prussia, Mother Prussia
Kuehner, Willie White, Male, 8, Born Missouri, Father H-D, Mother Prussia
Kuehner, Lillie, White, Female, 3, Born Missouri, Father H-D, Mother Prussia
Kuehner, Katie, White, Female, 1, Born Missouri, Father H-D, Mother Prussia